In the courtroom, you need a good attorney. In the court of public opinion, you need a good Public Relations agency.

Crisis management PR is in demand today so it pays for companies and individuals to have the best PR agency in place when a crisis arises.

Marina and her team have the media contacts and expertise to help you manage a crisis as effectively, proactively and efficiently as possible in order to prevent any potential damage to your brand image before it arises.

The Little Black Book can confidently assure you that, in the event of a crisis, we will protect your image and reputation by providing the following services:

  • We identify all the audiences affected by the news and develop messaging for each.
  • We plan a detailed strategy, create appropriate messaging and intercede with the media on your behalf.
  • We negotiate interviews, manage news conferences, explore exclusive interviews, and respond to media enquiries in collaboration with our client.
  • We are well acquainted with the various local media outlets and their respective rep resentatives and will liaise with them on your behalf.
  • Our team has a comprehensive understanding and in-depth knowledge of the virtual world. We assist businesses and individuals to manage their online reputations in the event of a crisis, which is critical in the social media age.